Math Rabbit Deluxe

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Title: Math Rabbit Deluxe
Version: 1.0
Manufacturer: The Learning Company
Computer Tested On: Generic Pentium 75
Operating System: Windows 95
Recommended Age: 3-6
Reviewed By: Frank Fogg
Review Date: December-97


Math Rabbit Deluxe uses a circus theme to teach children the basics of counting and mathematics. Several activities provide the core focus of the program and they become more difficult as the child progresses with math skills.

At the easier levels, the activities concentrate on developing counting skills. A matching game is included that matches groups of iconic pictures to other groups, and then to numbers. Another activity in this category lets the child make his own song by counting up from one to eight on a calliope. Each number is "sung" by the calliope as the child counts.

The more difficult activities in Math Rabbit allow the child to determine if numbers are greater than or less than a given number, and to perform simple addition and subtraction.

Depending on the math skills level, the range of activities is from basic counting skills to numbers up to 99.

An interesting facet of this program is that as the child successfully completes an activity, a prize ticket is awarded. When the child accumulates at least three tickets, they may visit a "prize booth" and purchase an animated "toy" that they can play with later. The toys have different costs associated with them, so the child must save their tickets for the prize booth until there are enough for the more expensive toys.

The program is very animated and lively and includes many sounds to assist young users in developing math skills.

A well written and indexed manual is included describing program installation and operation.


Attractive and easily understood user interface - The child can point and click to navigate through the program. The rabbit explains each activity and gives tips to the user.

Reward system encourages learning - Children can measure their success by accumulating animated "toys" after working through the activities.

Good program speed - This program runs quickly even on a minimal system.


Graphics quality - This program is not quite as visually stimulating as some of the other titles by this manufacturer. However, the graphics and animations are very good when measured against competing products for this age group.


The most important math skills this program teaches are the basic concepts of addition, subtraction and counting.